Leon Pahole

Leon Pahole

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  • I'm a full-stack web developer, lead and mentor.
  • Age: 26
  • Location: Maribor, Slovenia
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

  • Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Business aspects of engineering
  • Leadership
  • Soft skills
  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Working with people
  • Feedback
  • Ownership
  • Mentoring
  • Public speaking
  • Attention to detail
  • Written communication

About me

I started my career 6 years ago as a backend developer. Because the company I worked for was still in early stages of growth, I was soon given the opportunity to expand my work to full-stack, covering frontend, backend, mobile, devops, and cloud on various different projects. I was also able to build and improve processes in the company that helped us grow.

After completing a few projects, I began taking on architecture and devops roles, where I designed solutions and implemented them together with my team.

I then became a project manager and a tech lead, overseeing multiple challenging projects. This experience enhanced my understanding of business aspects of engineering, leadership, and improved my communication. I also learned the importance of health and setting up smart productivity systems.

I then returned to engineering, focusing on full-stack development, advising, mentoring and leading.

On top of engineering, I've recently began working in people management, where I conduct meetings with other engineers, help them with their career growth, and provide feedback.

My latest success was completing my company's academy program, where I served as a technical lead, lecturing and mentoring up-and-coming frontend developers. I've also represented my company as a public speaker.

Throughout my 6-year journey, I've evolved not only as a software engineer but also as a team member, leader, mentor, public speaker, communicator, and a healthier person. I truly believe that my work has a positive impact on other people's lives, as well as mine. And this is why I love my job.

Career overview

    1. Devops engineer and architect

      Backend architectureFrontend architectureAWSEstimationsWriting proposal documentsStrapi

      Helping improve cloud deployment processes, estimating and architecting solutions for new projects, solving problems on projects to get them back on track, improving internal processes.

    2. Frontend academy lead

      MentoringLecturingPublic speakingProviding feedback

      Designing a curriculum for a frontend academy, performing lectures, providing feedback, and mentoring students on a comprehensive internship, resulting in more positive exposure of the company, and new team members.

    3. POD lead

      Working with people

      Conducting 1:1 meetings with other frontend engineers in the office, talking about tech and non-tech topics, collecting and providing them feedback, making sure their requests and wishes are being heard, and improving their well-being in the company.

    4. Frontend developer

      ReactNextJSSvelteTypeScriptTeam leadership

      Writing clean, optimized frontend code in various technologies for multiple projects.

    1. [Confidential project] mobile app developer

      React NativeFrontend architecture

      Taking ownership of developing and delivering a mobile app in React native for a large project.

    2. Technical mentor, advisor, and architect

      Frontend architectureBackend architectureMentoring

      Providing guidance on finding solutions to technical and non-technical problems, and doing hands-on assistance whenever needed.

    3. [Confidential project] Backend developer

      Writing proposal documentsBackend architecture.NET CoreAngular

      Helping architect a solution and kickstart a microservice backend project for a large enterprise.

    4. Project manager and team lead

      MentoringTeam leadershipFrontend architectureBackend architectureClient communication

      Taking the responsibility for 4 projects, communicating with the clients, delegating tasks, and architecting solutions.

    5. [Omniopti] Full-stack web developer

      .NET CoreAngularReact NativeClient communicationBackend architectureProduct demosProduct ownershipDockerXamarinEstimations

      Architecting and implementing multiple logistics products, communicating with the end users, collecting their feedback, and launching the products to production. Advising the company on architecture and deployment.

    6. Devops and cloud engineer


      Optimizing and streamlining deployment processes of the entire company, saving all the developers countless hours on deployments. Simplifying cloud infrastructure to optimize costs.

    7. Full stack web developer

      NodeJSSpring BootAngularJavaKotlinArangoDBPostgreSQLBackend architectureFrontend architectureTechnical interviewing

      Writing full-stack code on multiple projects, which spanned various domains and technology stacks.

    1. ASP.NET developer

      ASP.NET MVC 4C#JavaScriptCSSHTML

      Developing a full-stack web application using ASP.NET, JS, CSS and HTML for tracking records, articles and books.